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Taylor & Toal POI Other-3-5As an independent practice we firmly believe in giving you a little bit extra. At Taylor and Toal Opticians  we believe that an eye exam is more than just checking if you need glasses. Only through a thorough and comprehensive eye health examination can we establish your needs,  only through that eye exam can we get you what you want. We strive to make an eye exam the most comfortable  and friendly experience possible. Our use of advanced instrumentation and equipment allows us to play an active part in maintaining the eye health of our patients and allows us to exceed the expectations of our new patients.  We want to enhance your experience as a patient by ensuring that you are properly informed about any procedures or treatments you may encounter during your visit. To help us keep an accurate and in-depth record of your visits all our consulting rooms contain scanning equipment that digitally captures images of your eyes – these are pictures of the inside of your eye taken using a specialised camera. This is a completely painless process. At every subsequent test another photograph is taken so the optometrist can monitor your eye for any changes. The data from your examination is stored on our advanced computer system for future reference.

Children’s Eyecare


All children should have regular eye examinations to ensure clear vision and healthy eyes. Do not rely solely on school screening, as this will not always pick up on underlying problems. All U16’s and 16-18 year olds in full time education receive a NHS eye examination. An eye exam can be done at any age – the sooner the better if you feel there are any issues with your child’s vision. All children receive a NHS voucher towards the cost of spectacles should they need them. We have an extensive range of styles for children and teenagers – many of which are available free of charge.

After your test

After your examination, should you require spectacles, our team will be able to provide you with all the assistance you could possibly need. We will advise you on the best spectacle lens for your needs and endeavour to help you choose the perfect pair of glasses. We have recently installed a specialised camera to help you compare the look and style of whatever you wish to try on. With well over 1000 frames on display we can accommodate any budget! If any issues arise during your test our optometrist will advise you on the best way to go forward – be that treatment or a referral for further investigation.